The African Athletic Development Center (AADC)

Development Heads: Aziz Daouda & Beatrice Ayikoru

Area Development Centres: Cairo, Dakar, Mauritius, Nairobi, Lomé, Lusaka & Port Harcourt          

The Regional Development Centers (CRD) and High Performance Training Centers (HPTC) are now managed by the Continental Associations. It is in this context that the African Athletics Confederation (CAA), organ representing athletics at continental level and in international bodies, becomes the prime contractor for all decisions concerning the development of athletics in the African continent.

AADC Cairo

Countries served in Arabic Speaking Africa & Asia: ALG, BRN, EGY, IRQ, JOR, KUW, LBA, LBN, MAR, OMN, PLE, QAT, KSA, SUD, SYR, TUN, UAE, YEM.

There are two 400m synthetic surfaced tracks in the stadium and a well-equipped weight lifting room available for courses. There is also a fully equipped lecturer room which is connected to a storage room.

Participants and lecturers are usually accommodated in the Sonesta Hotel which is only five minutes by car from the airport.

AADC Dakar

Countries served in French speaking Africa: ANG, BEN, BUR, BDI, CIV, CMR, CAF, CPV, CHA, COM, CGO, COD, DJI, GAB, GBS, GUI, GEQ, MAD, MLI, MOZ, MTN, NIG, SEN, STP, TOG.

AADC Dakar was born from the merger of the former RDC and HPTC and its mission is the training of coaches, technical officials and executives but also the training of high-level athletes from the 25 federations under its supervision.

The Centre’s headquarters are in the Leopold Sedar SENGHOR Stadium, the largest stadium in Dakar. The office section contains two rooms, a library, a fully equipped lecture room for theoretical sessions and meetings.

For training and practical sessions, there is a 400m synthetic track and all the facilities needed for jumping and throwing events plus a weight room.

The participants and lecturers are accommodated at the FANA hotel, which is 10 min by car from the stadium.

AADC Nairobi

Countries served in English speaking Africa: BOT, ETH, ERI, GAM, GHA, KEN, LES, LBR, MAW, MRI, NAM, NGR, SEY, SLE, SOM, RSA, RWA, SSD, SWZ, TAN, UGA, ZAM, ZIM.

The AADC Nairobi is situated in 'Moi International Stadium' Kasarani, Nairobi.

The Stadium has excellent facilities for the use of course participants. The office section contains one open plan office room, a gymnasium equipped with basic weight training machines, one fully equipped lecture room and one storage room.

Participants and lecturers are normally accommodated in the Hotel Sportsview. Lecture rooms are also provided at the Sportsview Hotel.

AADC Mauritius

Event groups: sprints and combined events

The Centre is located on the beautiful island of Mauritius famed for its glorious weather and beaches. There is a stadium with excellent track and field facilities plus a weight lifting room and athletes are accommodated in an attractive villa.


Event groups: sprints/hurdles & jumps

The Centre is located at the Olympafrica Centre Stadium as currently the main international stadium is closed for renovation but will be open for training next season. There is also a weight lifting room.

The Centre has its own house, provided by the Togolese Government for the accommodation of athletes. The Centre is under the CAA authority, but it is also supported by CONFEJES and the Togolese Government.

AADC Lusaka

The Centre is located in Lusaka and is part of the Olympic Youth Development Centre, which is a high-quality multi-purpose sports facility established between the Zambian government and NOC.

AADC Port Harcourt

Event groups: sprints/hurdles, jumps, throws, middle & long distance

The Centre is located at the Sports Institute of the University of Port Harcourt. Port Harcourt is a coastal city in the Southern part of Nigeria and is well known for its beautiful gardens and warm climate.

The Centre has excellent synthetic athletics tracks, a warm-up area and facilities for field events. There are also indoor training facilities and a well-equipped strength and conditioning gymnasium.

The athletes are accommodated in a well-equipped residential hostel.

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